Be You!

When you are hiding from yourself There is nothing anyone else can do You keep trying to be someone else You try to change your traits too Flawed, imperfect Broken and distressed The pain doesn't let you see The beauty You are beneath Nothing matters If you can be What you really are Instead of... Continue Reading →


All these questions

I wonder sometimes What if I took a step forward What if I said the right word At the right time Or had the courage to stand for myself Maybe things would have been different But what if it was worse than this What if the chaos and the mess Were just the same For... Continue Reading →

So many people around Yet I feel so alone Word cuss, word cuss All sounds as dead tone.   Copyright © 2017 Viniti Shrivastava, Brave heart!

Mad world

  In the world of mad she was just a girl so sad she was mocked for knowing too much because she never spoke a word self-doubt, only bad thoughts killing her pitied herself never felt good enough kept trying and still got hurt gave her best for what she deserved never meant to hurt... Continue Reading →


We. We thought we can do this Live with the pain and still smile Create a life We thought we are adventurer But we are merely just survivors We thought life is still beautiful But we only see darkness through We thought about us But we never really knew There was no us at all.... Continue Reading →

In my Head.

It's amazing how we think everything's gone be alright. But it never is And never will. "It's all in your head", they say Yes. It is. The war that you will never know about The pain that you will never feel The darkness that you will never see The voices that are killing me. Yes,... Continue Reading →


What is left after the storm is gone? What is it? Destruction. Pain. Loneliness. Silence. We deal with the storm by hiding from it. We deal with the storm by staying away. We deal with it by isolating ourselves. We deal with it by silence. We deal with the fear of it by silence. We... Continue Reading →


Come, sit with me At 2AM On the terrace of your building Come, let's see the twinkling stars We'll have a good talk Together We'll end the war Inside of us That doesn't let us walk Together Come, lie here with me Hold my hand Don't speak a word Just hold my hand We'll visit the... Continue Reading →


"What do you want?", she asked. I want to be happy. I want my life to be better than this mess. I want to end the chaos. I want to shut the voices in my head. I don't want to be hurt anymore. I am tired and I want peace. Yes, I want my own... Continue Reading →

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